EB-3 Green Card

EB-3 green card
EB-3 green card for professionals and skilled workers

EB-3 Green Card

The EB-3 green card is reserved for: 1) skilled workers with two years training and experience; 2) professionals with bachelor’s degrees; and 3) “unskilled” workers. As with the EB-2 green card, Canadians who qualify for an EB-3 green card must have an employer who is willing to file a petition on his/her behalf.

Skilled Workers

Canadians with at least two years of experience or training in a particular skill may be eligible for an EB-3 green card if a U.S. employer is willing to sponsor them. The employer must first looking for available U.S. workers to fill the position. If there are no available workers, then the Canadian citizen may be able to get a green card.

Professionals With Bachelor’s Degrees

Similar to the EB-2 advanced degree category, Canadians with a U.S. bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) may be eligible for an EB-3 green card if a U.S. employer needs to fill a position that requires this degree. For example, an accounting firm is looking for a junior accountant. A Canadian citizen has a U.S. bachelor’s degree in Accounting. The employer can sponsor the Canadian for an EB-3 green card.

Unskilled Workers

U.S. employers seeking unskilled labor workers for positions that require fewer than two years of experience or training can sponsor Canadians to fill these positions if they cannot find any available U.S. workers.